When we hear the word “Godfather” the images of an Italian mob boss comes to mind. However there’s more to granting a favours when you are a Godfather. Taking the role of a Godfather is a big honour and it comes with important responsibilities. Yesterday April 15, 2012  was a special day, my son Giuseppe became for the first time a Godfather. What a great honour and responsibility he took on. When he accepted the responsibility to be a Godfather, I told him that a job of a Godfather is to share the child’s well-being and he should be involved in the life of this little precious one. The most important responsibility is to provide a good example to his Godson Stefano. When his Godson is older, he should spend quality time with him so, they can form a trusting bond. A Godfather is not only in the name title but also in action to share, protect and as well to guide his Godson through life.

My son Giuseppe with his Godson Stefano and Godmother Sophia.

Little Stefano was so good when the blessed water was poured.

The promise of the Godfather is sealed with a kiss. I just love this picture. The two are bonded for life. I was so proud of my son and now it is up to him to keep the promise. I know my son will kept his promise and be a wonderful GODFATHER.


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