Amici Benvenuti! Welcome My Friends!


Who hasn’t seen the 1960 movie ‘La Dolce Vita’ written and directed by Federico Fellini and the 2003 movie ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ directed by Audrey Wells and started Diane Lane!? If you haven’t seen the movies rent them. The main characters in both movies are searching the meaningful way to life. How many of you would love to live in Italy? All my life I wanted to live in sunny Italy, this is because I am an Italian immigrant living in Ottawa, Canada. Am I Canadian or Italian? Or should I be called Italo-Canadian? This is my dilemma!!! On paper I am Canadian, but not by my choice, because if I had a choice I would be somewhere in sunny Italy soaking in the sun and living la dolce vita (the sweet life). Come and follow my daily journey as I share with you my feelings about being torn between two beautiful countries divided by an ocean and at the same time connecting with my roots. I will shuffle my memories and give you a taste how it was growing up Italian in Canada. I should emphasize that everyone should be proud of their heritage and I’m certainly proud of mine. In my journey I’ll bring you on virtual tours of spectacular sights in Italy. You’ll be able to follow the process as my husband and I as we build our home in Italy. Eating is second nature to Italians and so I will share with you some of my family’s recipes and I’ll guarantee your taste buds will dance. I will also give you ideas about how to entertain Italian style. You probably think all Italians are the same, but I’ll introduce to you the difference between the Italian immigrants and the Italians living in Italy as well as the difference between Italian from the North, Central, South and the wanna be Italians. Even if there is certain differences between the Italians, you’ll understand how and why we Italians love, eat and enjoy life to the fullest. What could I say on the subject of being Italian: Being Italian is all about amore (love), famiglia (family), amici (friends), mangiare (eat), arte (art), musica (music), and moda (fashion) all these ingredients makes us who we are. I will assure you, you will not regret the adventure you are about to embark on. So, come along for the ride and experience ‘La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life) through my eyes and discover the true meaning of the fascination to be ITALIAN!!!!!